The Triforce is a trinity of three golden triangles, capable of granting the desires of whoever controls it, and shaping the sacred realm to the will of said controller.

The top piece is the triforce of Power, allowing the user great physical and magical powers. The right piece is the Triforce of courage, allowing the user to fight unaffected by fear. The left piece is the triforce of wisdom, granting the user great wisdom and knowledge.

There was a massive prank/trolling which took place, it was stated that in Ocarina of time, there was hidden content regarding the triforce:

  • The player would, at some point in the game, learn a song from Kaepora Gaebora, called the "Overture of the sages".
  • The player could play this song to be warped to the temple of light, it was said there was a small maze, but more details were not given (such as presence or lack of enemies).
  • The player would then be allowed to view the triforce close up, but not use it.

This was admitted to be a hoax by the poster, but it fooled many people and caused quite a commotion. It was made for the sole purpose of getting attention, as stated by it's poster. There were several screenshots released, but they had slight errors, such as Links hat being too long and his sword being on the wrong shoulder.