Trains are reoccuring modes of transportation in the Legend of Zelda series.

Types of TrainEdit

Wooden TrainEdit

A train made completley of wood, the wooden train is the most common train set. It is exremley weak and can be obliterated by one bomb/cannonball or being rammed by an enemy train.

Spirit TrainEdit

A single spirit engine was given to Link during the events of Spirit tracks. It can sustain far more punishment then the Wooden engine and isn't susceptible to fire.

Golden TrainEdit

A train made of solid gold, extremley rare and expensive. While only as strong as the Wooden engine, it is faster and not susceptible to fire.

Steel TrainEdit

A bulky train made of steel, able to take more abuse, ram through obstacles and other trains with more power, and (in the case of the cannon) doll out more punishment than the wooden train.

Dark TrainEdit

A train that is shaped similar to, and acts like a bomb. It is faster then most trains, but can't change rails and can sustain only one hit from the cannon.

Armoured TrainEdit

A torpedo-shaped Dark train wearing a Knight's mask. It can sustain 2 hits from the cannon and can move under water.

Battle TrainEdit

The first train appearing in a game other than spirit tracks. The battle train is heavily armoured, covered entirley in trapezoidel iron armour. They can sutain 3 canonballs/bombs and can carry cars. The cars they can carry are:

  • 0-1 Cannon cars: They are covered in rectangular iron armour and have an Iron cannon.
  • 0-2 Passanger cars: These are half-trapezoidal, the front end being trapezoidal, but with a rectangular rear. They carry 3 Bulbins, both armed with clubs and Bows.
  • 0-1 Freight cars: A car with rounded armour, these are filled with bombs and have a chest containing some bombs, aqua bombs or Bombchus. If destoryed they will explode and launch bombs everywhere.