Polluted water is both a terrain and an item obtainable from various sources, mainly the Polluted waterway.

Polluted water
Vital statistics
Type Bottle iem
Effects Poisons plant-based enemies
Source Polluted water pools
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A


The terrain looks like water, but covered with multiple metalic colors caused by exposure to oil.

The player recieves no negative effects by swimming, or even diving into the polluted water. However,  if the player equips Iron boots, Link can drown in the liquid like normal water. Link will take damage from polluted water if he dawns the Zora tunic and Iron boots, as it is polluted and cannot be breathed.

The player must delute the polution by pouring pure water into the polluted water several times in the Polluted waterway.


Polluted water can be scooped up in a bottle to get the item. It can be given to several people around Trimodulum along with 15 rupees to get lantern oil.