Below are templates which are commonly used by regular users. See Zelda Fan Realm Wiki:Templates for general info on how to use them.




A general all purpose infobox for anything that does not fit into other types of infoboxes.

Character infoboxEdit

{{Infobox character

|born = Unknown

|affiliation = Unknown

|title = Unknown

|skills = Unknown

|status = Unknown}}

A standard infobox for characters.

Story infoboxEdit

{{Infobox story}}

A standard infobox for story articles.

City infoboxEdit

{{Infobox city}}

A standard infobox for city articles.

Country infoboxEdit

{{Infobox country}}

A standard infobox for articles about countries.

Creature infoboxEdit

{{Infobox creature}}

A standard infobox for creatures and races.

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