This is a list of enemies that Link encounters in the land of Trimodulum.

Fire enemiesEdit

Magzard dragon

Magzard dragon



Fire snail

A torch slug that has a protective shell, this shell defends it from Link's sword attacks.

Magzard (Magzard dragon, Mini-Magzard)Edit

Magzards are firey versions of freezards. 

Magzard DragonEdit

Magzard dragons are similar to Magzard versions of Freezards from twilight princess, they shoot explosive fireballs at Link from afar and breath fireat link when at close range, if Link gets to close to them they will bite Link.


Magzards are firey Freezards, they breath fire at link and if approached will light themselves on fire and spin around clockwise.


Mini Magzard


Mini-Magzards are the firey versions of freezards, Mini-Magzards slide around leaving a trail of fire. 1 through 3 Mini-Magzards are released upon the destruction of a Magzard

Jellytails & Sparktails Jellytails are Magtails that are green colored where normal Magtails have orange, and they leave a trail of greenish-orange slime wherever they go, this slime will light on fire and prevent Link's passage if it comes in contact with fire or Sparktails sparks.

Sparktails are similar to skytails from skyward sword, their tails will light on fire and sparks will fall from them, these sparks cannot hurt link but they can ignite Jellytail's jelly.

These two will usually fight together in a trapped room, however in some rooms a sparktail will come down and light some jelly and create a danger for Link.

Ice enemiesEdit

Freezard dragon
Freezard dragon

Freezard dragon

A freezard that looks like a freezard from twilight princess, however when killed rather it will release normal freezards rather then mini-freezards. Do not confuse freezard dragons with other dragons, as Freezard dragons are unable to fly.

Arthropod enemiesEdit




A flying insect, it rams Link to damage him; it's tail is it's only weakness. Skytails make their debut appearance in Skyward Sword. Skytails in Trimodulum most often are present in the airspace around Sky Town.


Magtail Figurine


A centipede-like creature, when attacked enough it will curl up in a ball which link can pick up and throw like a rock or pot. Magtails first appear in The Wind Waker. In Trimodulum, Magtails most often appear in the Ignus Cavern.