Sage Medallions

Light, Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit and Shadow medallions from OoT.

Elements play a key role in multiple aspects of the Legend of Zelda series, such as the dungeons. The element of a dungeon influences the enemy types, layout, terrain and main item of a dungeon.

The symbols for the temples were seen in the form of medallions in Ocarina of time, the Forest and Water medallions are just recolors of what were originally intended to be the Wind and Ice medallions respectively. It isn't clear what the forest and water symbols would actually look like, or why the Wind and Ice dungeons were removed.

The concept of Ice and Wind temples still appeared in the "Water" and "Forest" rooms in Ganon's castle, the Ice cavern mini-dungeon, and the Wind-themed rooms i the shadow temple.


Forest Dungeons are filled with plants and plant-themed enemies. They are often alive with particle effects and are usually encountered early in the game.

Common Enemies in Forest dungeons include:

  • Peahats
  • Mothulas
  • Enemies in the Deku family
  • Enemies in the Skulltula family
  • Enemies in the Ghoma family


Fire dungeons are filled with fire, lava and fitting enemies. They are usually hot and dry, and are often encountered between the Forest and water temples.

Common enemies in Fire dungeons include:

  • Torch Slugs
  • Red Bubbles
  • Fire keese


Water dungeons are, obviously, filled with large amounts of water. They are usually complex and typically have the Hookshot or Clawshot.

Common Enemies Include:

  • Blue tektites
  • Biri
  • Shell blades
  • Octorock


Ice dungeons are typically covered in Ice and Snow, with both enemies made of Ice and enemies adapted to ice.

Common enemies include:

  • Freezards
  • Chilfos
  • White Wolfos


Electric dungeons are typically more highly advanced then normal dungeons, often made of metal. However, someenemies and dungeons, such as Lord Jabu-Jabus' Belly from Ocarina of Time, are bio-electric.

Common enemies include:

  • Bio-electric Cubes
  • Biri
  • Blue ChuChus
  • Buzz Blobs
  • Tailpasaran


Shadow dungeons are filled with the undead, foggy pitfalls and illusions.

Common enemies include:

  • ReDead
  • Deadhand
  • Wallmaster
  • Stalfos


Desert dungeons are filled with sand and sandstone, often featuring an equippable item rather than a usuable one.

Common enemies include:

  • Leevers
  • Gibdos
  • Gerudos


Light dungeons are often not even populated by evil enemies. They may not even be dungeons, or even visitable outside of cutscenes. They often act as challenges for the Hero to face to obtain a major item, or a location overtaken by ganondorf or the main antagonist.

Common enemies include:

  • Silent realm Guardians
  • Watchers
  • Common followers of Ganondorf, having invaded the temple
  • Past bosses slain


Wind temples are often located in the sky, and are filled with puzzles where Link must use Wind to activate certain switches or Glide over an obstacle.

Common enemies:

  • Skytail
  • Guay
  • Aerialfos


Earth is an element usually not seen having it's own dungeons. It is filled with rock ad dirt terrain and stone themes.

Common enemies include:

  • Keese
  • Armos
  • Nejiron