Combustus is the boss of Ignus Cavern in Trimodulum.
Fan boss stage 1

The hard rock armor of Combustus






Can wrap himself in a rock hard armor, can summon skytails, can survive in magma,




Magtails, Skytails, Jellytails, Sparktails,


Link, gannon, everyone else,



Physical distinguishments

Resembles a giant firey skytail

Combustus appears to be a giant magtail with no orange spots at first, it's massive mndibles can pick up human-sized creatures and fling them around. It can roll into a ball to attack similar to king dodongo.

However upon enough damage, it becomes clear that the first stage was only a hard rock armor, it becomes cracked exposing an orange glow.

Eventually the armor completely cracks and reveals the true form of Combustus, this form resembles a skytail, skytails are enemies first appearing in skyward sword
Fan boss stage 2

True form of combustus

where link had to attack their bulbous tails.

This final form must be attacked in the bulbous tail in a similar manner to a skytail.


Combustus was a fossilized creature within Mt Ignus, it was awakend by mysterious causes and began flying around in the mountain, it's freedom from fossilization allowed magma to pour out and caused the volcano to errupt.

Link came to Mount Ignus and climbed near it's peak, he fought off a variety of creatures and eventually confronted combustus.

Despite his best efforts Combustus was defeated by Link, he fell into the Magma source and took down various rock fragments sealing himself and the magma within a subbterranean cavern full of lava.


  • Combustus was the first boss on this wiki
  • Combustus wasn't killed, he was simply driven off from the overworld.
  • Pictures were made by User:Majoras revenge!!!

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