The book of Trimodulum creatures is a book serving the same function as Navi, Tatl and Fi, telling Link of all identifiable creatures. Unlike most items, which either need to be equipped or set to one of the item buttons, the book of Trimodulum creatures can be used simply be targeting a creature and pressing the top item button.

While the book holds the majority of creatures in Trimodulum, there are a few creatures that it does not hold info on. There are quite a few in actuality, but most are filled in by talking to people across Trimodulum.

The book holds no info on:

  • No info at all:
    • Flying Pots
    • Flying Tiles
    • Blade traps
    • Spikes
    • Spiked rollers
    • Fake doors
  • Until Talking to the owner of the hidden shop behind a bombable wall in the Polluted waterway
    • Zol
    • Gel
    • Mad jelly
    • Myu
    • Chu
    • Popo
    • Slime eye
    • Gekko
  • Until talking to the Goron leader:
    • Dodongo
    • Baby Dodongo
    • Big Dodongo

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